• May 7-10 , 2015 at George R. Brown Convention Center, Houston, TEXAS
    I-SWEEEP is a unique science fair that is open to high school students.

    The brightest STEM-focused minds from across the nation and the world celebrate innovation in research and science.
  • A venue for the top ranking young researchers with ideas about energy sustainability, engineering and the environment.
    We invite many guests from all over the world.
  • Participate to heal the world

    Energy: Choose Responsibly
  • Let's Build A Future Together
    Engineering: Building a Sustainable Word
  • It’s time we need to concern about this

    Let’s be together to protect

    Environment: Saving the Future

I-SWEEEP extends the scope of Environment category

The I-SWEEEP Committee extends the scope of the Environment projects group by adding the category of Environment – Health and Disease Prevention. Projects eligible for this category would include novel approaches on maintaining a healthy living as well as prevention and treatment of diseases. Read more

ISWEEEP Highlights

Here at I-SWEEEP we also try to connect people, and to prepare students for their future roles out in the real world. We invite many guests from all over the world: renowned scientists, college professors, industry leaders, and many other individuals who can open the doors to the future of these young scientists. Essentially, we attempt to give these extraordinary children a little taste of what the future holds for them.
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