New I-SWEEEP Category !!! Environment – Health and Disease Prevention


The I-SWEEEP Committee extended the scope of the environmental projects category by adding Environment – Health and Disease Prevention for eligible projects. Projects eligible for this category include novel approaches on maintaining a healthy living as well as prevention and treatment of diseases. Please see the subcategories below for information on the type of studies appropriate for this new I-SWEEEP category.


  • Medicine: Practices to maintain and restore health by prevention and treatment of diseases, development of new drugs to fight disease, epidemiological investigations involving the cause of disease, and measures for control and prevention.


  • Immunology: Study of the structure and function of the immune system, development of new techniques involving the interaction of antigens with antibodies.


  • Nutrition: Selection of healthy foods, dietary facts, possible prevention or remediation by addressing nutritional deficiencies before resorting to drugs.


  • Bacteriology and Virology:  Study of bacterial and viral diseases, new prevention and treatment applications in medicine.