I-SWEEEP Alumni heads out on a whale of an adventure!

LoganLogan Pallin of  Cloquet  High School did science and environmental water quality research for six years in middle and high school. He recently traveled to  Antarctica to continue his study on humpb
ack whales as a part of his graduate studies.

His science fair journey landed him a full-ride scholarship to Duke University, where he also spent six months at the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, doing research for his undergraduate studies. Now a graduate student at Oregon State University pursuing a master’s degree in OSU’s fisheries and wildlife program, Pallin is working with Dr. Ari Friedlaender in the Marine Mammal Institute at OSU’s Hatfield marine science center. In Antarctica, he is stationed at Palmer Station, one of the three United States research stations located in Antarctica.

You can follow Logan at http://blogs.oregonstate.edu/ltercetaceans/