• May 7-10 , 2015 at George R. Brown Convention Center, Houston, TEXAS
    I-SWEEEP is an innovative science fair open to high school students.

    The brightest STEM-focused minds from across the nation and world-wide celebrate innovation in research and science.
  • A venue for top ranking young researchers whom hold ideas about energy sustainability, engineering and the environment.
    We invite distinguished guests from all over the world.
  • Participate to heal the world

    Energy: Choose Responsibly
  • Collaborating to build a bright future
    Engineering: Building a Sustainable World
  • Acting on our concerns

    Working together to protect our environment

    Environment: Saving the Future

World’s Largest Science Fair Announces Winners

Houston – The Bayou City welcomed hundreds of international visitors to the world’s largest international science fair focusing energy, engineering, and environment this week. Organized by Harmony Public Schools, the 8th Annual International Sustainable World (Energy, Engineering & Environment) Project Olympiad (I-SWEEEP) concluded with a high-energy awards ceremony this past weekend.

ISWEEEP Highlights

I-SWEEEP connects people and prepares students for future roles out in the real world. We invite distinguished guests from all over the world including: renowned scientists, college professors, industry leaders, and many other individuals who expand the bright future of these young scientists. Essentially, we give these extraordinary students a small taste of what the future holds for them.
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