About Us

isweeep-logoI-SWEEEP, The International Sustainable World (Energy, Engineering, and Environment) Project, is a groundbreaking science fair competition open to high school students. It is the largest science fair event of its kind world-wide. I-SWEEEP is organized by Harmony Public Schools, a K-12 Public Charter School System. With the support of leaders in industry and higher education institutions, I-SWEEEP works with local, national, and international science fair organizations to bring top-ranking participants and qualifying projects to Houston each year.


The mission of I-SWEEEP is to create a collaborative yet competitive environment in which students can present their innovative ideas on today’s challenges in energy, engineering, and the environment, and creating a more sustainable world for tomorrow.

The objective of I-SWEEEP:

• Sparking interest and awareness of our planet’s sustainability challenges.
• Helping our youth grasp the extent of these issues.
• Finding workable solutions to these challenges.
• Accelerating progress towards a sustainable world by engaging youth at an early age.

I-SWEEEP promotes engineering inventions and energy efficiency/management discoveries, that will nurture environmentally friendly technology concepts in secondary education. I-SWEEEP gives students the opportunity to position themselves as the scientists and engineers of the future. It will be these individuals who have a greater understanding of global issues and the importance of technology in achieving global sustainability who will be at the forefront of environmental research and development. I-SWEEEP is a pivotal step in our educational efforts to develop an environmentally conscious global community that inspires personal responsibility in caring for our planet and those who share it.



I-SWEEEP & The 3E Concept

I-SWEEEP upholds the 3E (Energy, Engineering, and Environment) concept in all of its events. Sustainable development while protecting the environment is only possible through clean energy technologies and like-minded engineering to support it.
I-SWEEEP academic competition categories are outlined to reflect the 3E concept.




Renewable Energy Biological Engineering Land and Ecosystem Management
Bio Energy Civil Engineering Bioremediation
Non-Renewable Energy Advancement Mechanical Engineering Air, Soil &Water Pollution/Quality
Energy Policies Industrial Engineering 3R : Reduce-Reycle-Reuse
Clean Energy Technology Material Science Health and Disease Prevention
Energy Efficiency Electrical Engineering Medicine, Immunology
Energy Conservation Computer Engineering Nutrition
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