ISWEEEP is honored to partner with you as we encourage students to invest and reimagine the world around them. nnWe depend on you as we strive to contiuously provide more and better opportunities for students to explore energy, engineering and environment. Follow the guides below to log in to your account and continue the mission of creating a sustainable world for everyone.

Log in to your account using the username and password provided in your ISWEEEP Special Awards email. If you have not received this email, please contact us at on the Code Assignment tabnnReview informationnnClick on Generate tabnnCode should appear on website page. If you have difficulty generating your code, contact us at info@isweeep.orgn
You will provide students the following documents:nnFair DetailsnnTentative SchedulennAccomodations provided by ISWEEEPnnRegistration informationnnProject Code card
Once youu2019ve logged in to your account, click on the Edit Account tab in the left top corner of your screen.nnClick on the Edit tab at the bottom of your information portal.nnTo save any changes, click Update at the bottom of the screen.
Please send us an email at If you have provided us with a school email it might kick back email’s from So please just contact us and we will resend you your organization’s information.
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