I-SWEEEP works with local, national  and international science fair organizations to bring the best and the brightest young researchers from all over the world to Houston, Texas. A student may qualify for I-SWEEEP in the following ways:

I. Direct Qualification from Regional, State, or National Science Fairs:

I-SWEEEP collaboratively works with science fair coordinators in order to make this possible. Projects are judged by science fair organizations utilizing I-SWEEEP  instructions. Award packets that include the invitation letters and certificates are sent to eligible science fair directors. They are then issued to the winners of regional, state, or national science fairs. Once these projects have been awarded to the students,  they have qualified to attend I-SWEEEP and have two weeks to register or contact us.

Partner Science Fair Organizations in U.S.

International Partner Science Fair Organizations

II.  Individual Applications:

Projects that have not been directly qualified may also apply for I-SWEEEP. However, all projects are expected to compete in a regional, state, or national science fair prior to I-SWEEEP. The I-SWEEEP Scientific Review Committee will evaluate all applications and will notify students of their eligibility to participate in I-SWEEEP. (Please note: All projects must be approved by our Scientific Review Committee.)

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Other Requirements

  • The applicant must be in high school, grades 9 through 12.
  • The applicant must be under twenty-one years of age as of April 1 in the year they will be participating.
  • A student, or group of students, may not exhibit more than one project a year.
  • The project must have been completed in the last 12 months by the date they apply.
  • An exhibit cannot be used for more than one year without significant changes.
  • Team projects may have a maximum of three members, however I-SWEEEP will only cover the expenses for two members. As long as the third member pays for their own expenses they may attend the fair and present their project with the rest of the team. Team members cannot be changed during the project, if one team member cannot participate in I-SWEEEP, the project must be presented by the other existing team member(s).

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