Inspire them to scientific discovery!

There are many ways a teacher can become involved in ISWEEEP and we welcome you to explore all of the options. We’d love to partner with you to inspire young minds in answering some of society’s most pressing questions.

Project Supervisor:

As primary project supervisor you will guide student projects through its many stages, aiding and encouraging your researchers to meet their fullest potential. We also depend on you to ensure everyone remains safe by following the rules and guidelines listed on resources page.

Project Supervisor Login

Chaperones (Adult Supervisor)

Accompanying a student on their journey to ISWEEEP is a unique opportunity to be inspired yourself! If you will serve as the chaperone (adult supervisor) for student contestents, please submit your travel itinerary through the link below.

All chaperones (adult supervisor) will receive an email confirmation of their reservation a week prior to the event.

Chaperone (Adult Supervisor) Registration

Important Dates & Deadlines

  • January 27

    International student application deadline

  • February 24

    U.S. student application deadline

  • March 24

    Media Release Form, Code of Conduct, Travel Details and Chaperone/Adult Supervisor Registration documents due

  • April 10

    Hotel accomodations must be booked through ISWEEEP to receive discounted rates

  • April 24

    Project boards must be shipped to ISWEEEP’s by April 24th.